Are you trying to wrap your head around the complete madness that is going on in the world today? Are you trying to make sense of what you are experiencing, as opposed to what you are being told? If so Conspiracy Realism 101 is the perfect course for you.

What is Conspiracy?

I will teach you through 10 modules. In the first module called, “What About Conspiracy?” In “What About Conspiracy?” I talk about the history of the word “Conspiracy Theorist,” and how real live historical conspiracies apply to the turmoil we are experiencing as a society.

Read the Booklet

Every module comes with a PDF booklet so you can read and follow along. *note I won’t be reading the whole book in the lecture.

Do Your Own Research

At the end of each booklet contains informational links so you can do further research on these topics.

Conspiracy Realism 101 Preview

In this course I teach you through 10 modules via lectures and video clips the conspiracy realist’s side of the story. This course will give you a great starting point to help figure out systemic mechanisms of control, and the effects they have in our society.

Don’t fret this information is empowering and sobering. The knowledge you will attain  is a good defense mechanism against people who want to dismiss you because you have a different perspective, or ask questions about official narratives presented to you.

This course is good for families, teenagers or anyone who wants to be an empowered and knowledgeable individual. Are you ready to do this? I if you are purchase in the links in the description, and I’ll see you in the first lecture.

Intro For Course

I will teach you basic concepts on conspiracy realism via 10 modules.

  What is Conspiracy?

Who Wants to Rule the World?

Is it Possible to Rule the World?

Medicine and Science

The Education System

Law and Government

Censorship and Media

Art and Culture

Innovation and Suppression

The Bright Side

You will have a booklet to read and recommended links to research and cross reference.

Virstyne Henry co-founder of, has been a teacher for over a decade, and did a year of curriculum writing. In her career as an educator, she was very disgruntled and appalled at the mono-sided point of view on various subjects her students of all ages (and even adults) were being taught through the ESL and non ESL curriculum. She decided to create Conspiracy Realism 101 as a way to help educate the masses so they can develop sufficient critical thinking skills against the propaganda that is being catapulted at society.

The one time purchase for this course will cover you for the entire 10 modules. This course will be dripped out over the next two months. The first module “What is Conspiracy?” Is posted for Viewing.The next module “Who Wants to Rule the World” will be out next week.